Program description

The M.Sc. ECHO (Masters in Echocardiography) course offered by MCHP is a post-graduate program for students training ?in performing echocardiography or heart scanning , to evaluate different aspects of?the heart, such as chamber size, valve functions and blood flow in various disease conditions like, CHD, IHD, VHD, Cardiomyopathies etc. They review patient files and must be familiar with cardiac?conditions in order to recognize and identify any abnormalities and to report the same. The program provides unmatched clinical exposure to its students through its affiliation with a leading tertiary care hospital, Kasturba Hospital and in community settings and institutions.

The MCHP’s B.Sc. CVT is conducted under MAHE


Students are trained to diagnose cardiac diseases by echocardiography and to report individually in the cardiac non-invasive lab, bedside and critical care units, also students will be continuously involved in learning new technologies and disease processes to uplift the reporting. Also, they are trained in research methodologies to carry research in Cariology. ?

Careers Prospectus

Post Graduates of this program can find placements in:

·???????? Hospitals

·???????? Educational Institutions

·???????? Medical manufacturing companies (Cardiac Pacemakers, Stents, Catheters and Balloons)

·???????? Industrial Medical Facilities

Key Dates & Deadlines


Apr 30 24

Apr ' 24

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date


2 years (4 semesters)

Career Paths

Students with MSC echocardiography degree can choose their career field either in hospital setting (as cardiac sonographer) or in industries.

Next Steps

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