Allied Health Science Programs

必威体育betway888 College of Health Professions?( MCHP)?offers a wide variety of courses.

必威体育betway888 College of Health Professions?(formerly known as School of Allied Health Sciences?) was established in 1999 as the first institution in India exclusively dedicated to the education of allied health professionals.

MCHP Experience

Our approach to academic excellence

  • Academics
  • 必威体育betway888 & Innovation
  • Student Affairs
  • 必威体育betway888 Collaborations
  • 必威体育betway888 Relations & Industry liasion
  • Placement and Promotions
  • Quality Assurance



必威体育betway888 Stories

From background and into the limelight, our alumnus are making their mark in the world?as decision-makers, innovators, change agents, A thought-leaders, and creators, each in their own original way.

Kumar Abhishek Dubey

Regional Product Manager- MRI & Premium CT

Dr. Reena Reshma d'souza?

Post-Doctoral 必威体育betway888er

University of Oxford, UK

Avishikta Sarkar

Associate Director, HCLS,

NTTDATA Services

Ishita Malviya

Proffessional Surfer