Undergraduate program in Nuclear Medicine Technology (BSc NMT) was started in year 1993 and is currently being offered as 4 years integrated course (3 years of course work + 1 year mandate internship). The program is recognised by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), and is designed to help students understand principles of nuclear imaging and train themselves in radiation handling and nuclear medicine procedures. The program follows Outcome Based Education (OBE) based syllabus with choice-based electives and includes specialised training in the areas of nuclear medicine instrumentation, nuclear imaging, radiopharmacy, radiation protection, radiation biology and basics of research methodology. On completion of the program, the graduates will be able to work as health professionals and also be able to advance their carrier in teaching and research.? ?

Career Opportunities

·???????? Work as NM professional in any Healthcare or in Industrial sectors.

·???????? Nomination as Radiation Safety Officer in clinical, academia and research facilities

·???????? Pursue higher education in national or international universities

Teaching Methodology

Teaching methodology includes lectures, on-site trainings, seminars, Journal clubs, digital pedagogy and problem based learning.



  • Each semester has one internal sessional examinations followed by an end semester university examination.
  • Written and practical examinations.
  • Minimum of 50% marks are required to pass each? theory and practical examinations
  • Minimum 75% in theory subjects and 85% in practical subjects of attendance is required to appear in end semester university examination



Key Dates & Deadlines


Jul 15 24

Jul ' 24

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date


4 years inclusive of 1 year internship



Access to hospital facilities gives student hands-on training in dental procedures

Innovative Centre

State-of-the-art Innovation Centre to facilitate multi-disciplinary research


Laboratories give students the opportunity for practical experience

Sports & Fitness

Marena is the world-class facilities with courts for badminton, tennis, soccer & squash as well as a well-equipped gymnasium


Libraries have publications on the latest developments in oral healthcare

Student Housing

Student hostels are their homes away from homes