Grants Office


With an objective of making the process of identifying, applying and managing the external research grants easier without undue administrative delays, the administration of 必威体育betway888 Academy of higher Education (MAHE) has set up the Grants Office (GO) centrally at the Directorate of 必威体育betway888. At Grants Office we aim to improve research outcomes of MAHE and facilitate faculty and the research scholars in enhancing quantum and quality of research funding. We are committed to create an enabling environment for our researchers.



To support MAHE faculty and researchers to

1.??? Identify, apply and secure external grants

2.??? Improve the quantum & quality of the grant proposal

3.??? Aid in improving the strike rate of application

4.??? Support and educate the researchers with a good knowledge on grant proposal writing and funding trends

5.??? Assist the applicant with necessary approvals, consultations, policies & documents

6.??? Establish worthy linkage with funding agencies to understand funding trends

7.??? Nurture interdisciplinary collaborations within the institutions of MAHE


Team at Grants Office

Grants Office is headed by Director of 必威体育betway888, and operated by Grant’s Co-ordinator.

Grants co-ordinator is responsible for all the Pre-Award Management process.

There is dedicated finance team located at Grants Office, which will handle finance during grant implementation stage.

As and when need be grants co-ordinator will facilitate the co-ordination between PI and finance, purchase, legal and HR team



Services provided at GO

?????????? Quick identification of calls and customized emails notifying that the calls are open

?????????? Improving the time and quality spent by the PI on applications by providing services such as budgeting, mentorship to review the proposal and for guidance if need be

?????????? Assistance? with mandatory documents and paper work and coordinating institutional approvals and the signatures from the concerned authority wherever applicable

?????????? Conducting grant proposal writing workshop

?????????? Assistance with legal consultation while signing the MOU/Agreement

?????????? Review of research grant proposals that did not qualify for funding and suggesting improvements in the proposals for re-submission at alternative funding agency

?????????? Management of the research funds and financial auditing of research accounts