Technology Transfer Office (TTO)


To improve potential for commercializing research carried out within the 必威体育betway888 Academy of Higher Education system.



To support commercialization of research generated after assessing market potential, including potential for securing various forms of Intellectual Property, within 必威体育betway888 Academy of Higher Education by coordinating with researchers from Health Sciences, Technology, Management and other research disciplines.



  • To support researchers in acquiring various forms of Intellectual Property.
  • To coordinate with researchers in identifying research for potential commercialization.
  • To sensitize and create awareness among various stakeholders regarding Intellectual Property and importance of technology transfer.
  • To facilitate licensing/knowhow through technology transfer.


Standard Operating Procedure for filing patent applications from 必威体育betway888 Academy of Higher Education

Stage 1

  • Inventor submits an abstract of invention to Technology Transfer Office in Invention Disclosure Form

Stage 2

  • Technology Transfer Office Carries out a Prior Art Search
  • Prior Art Search Report is sent to the Investigator????????????

Stage 3

  • Based on the Prior Art Search report, Inventor(s) decided whether to proceed with filing patent application or need to make changes????????????

Stage 4

  • Decision to file a patent application is communicated to the Technology Transfer Office

Stage 5

  • Technology Transfer Office identifies a suitable partner among the selected partners for filing patent application
  • The decision to file a patent application is communicated to finance/legal department and office of Directorate of 必威体育betway888. The finance department may make appropriate provision to pay the professional fees to the partner in consultation with the inventor. Technology Transfer Office shall be kept informed by Finance department of actions taken.

Stage 6

  • The inventor provides required data to Technology Transfer Office/Partner

Stage 7

  • Technology Transfer Office/Inventors/Partners shall coordinate for further processing of applications
  • Technology Transfer Office monitors the process of patent application process till its outcome