必威体育betway888 Institute of Regenerative Medicine (MIRM) was conceptualized to cater to the expanding need for qualified stem cell professionals in the health care sector in 2007. MIRM takes pride being Asia’s first consolidated scholastic and research program in Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Biology.

The broad aim of the Institute is to hone young students towards a carrier in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Technology and generate qualified manpower trained in stem cell technologies to bridge the need for stem cell based therapeutics in India. MIRM offers courses at the Master’s and Ph.D. levels and has developed a strong course curriculum which encompasses concepts in developmental biology, principles of tissue engineering and clinical and non-clinical applications of stem cells. Apart from the academic curriculum, MIRM has a strong research component with principal investigators specialized in several cutting edge areas including neuro-regeneration, transplantation immunology, cancer stem cells, material research and cellular reprogramming. Exposure to stem cell research is facilitated by inclusion of electives and a one year rigorous project work in any specialization of stem cell biology under the able guidance of the principal investigators during the final year of Master’s program. Principal investigators support their research through regular extramural funding from government agencies like DST, DBT, ICMR, BIRAC and CSIR, in addition to international funding. Several quality publications have emerged from research conducted at MIRM and has contributed immensely to the know-how in regenerative medicine.

MIRM students are appointed at several research positions in both industry, academia and health care sector indicating the success of mission initially conceptualized. MIRM is now a recognized hub for potential recruiters to get trained manpower in stem cell and cell biology technologies. Adjunct faculty from various national and international universities also contribute to teaching specialized topics and have formed a strong collaborative research network. We also foster entrepreneurship and commercial application through active industry collaborations.

Internship and placement opportunities:

MIRM students are trained and placed in prestigious institutes like University of Cambridge, Harvard Medical School, University of Oregon, Temple university, Max Plank Institute of Molecular Physiology, ACTREC, NCBS, InSTEM, IISc.

Industry placements: Eyestem, Next Big Innovation labs, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Biocon, Syngene, Roche, ONSSA

National and 必威体育betway888 collaborations:

National: Indian Institute of Science, JNCASR, InStem, NCBS, NIMHANS, Ramaiah University, Vydehi institute of medical science and research centre, C-CAMP, MAHE

必威体育betway888:? National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological university Singapore (NTU), Linkoping university, Sweden, Curtin university, Australia, Griffith University, Australia, University of New south wales UNSW, Australia, Czech academy of sciences, Czech, Kyoto university, Japan, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.