The Department of Surgical Oncology at Kasturba Hospital, 必威体育betway888, is the first surgical oncology department in a Private medical college in India. We are happy to have our international Observership program.

Average 900 major oncological surgeries are performed by the department in a year.? The spectrum of surgeries includes basic, advanced and supra major complex resections and reconstructions. Routine operations include procedures for head and neck, breast and gynecological cancers. ?Major procedures performed are all types of esophageal cancer surgeries, hepato-pancreatico-biliary cancer surgeries, upper and lower Gastrointestinal cancer surgeries, lung and mediastinal tumor resections, limb salvage surgery, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) and Pelvic exenterations etc. Minimally invasive cancer surgeries include advanced laparoscopic and VATS (thoracoscopic) surgeries.

The intent of the observer programs is to share our cancer care experience globally. The department manages and supports observer appointments to ensure that both the trainee and the host department benefit from the exchange of ideas and the educational collaboration.

Observer programs vary from six days up to 90 days dependent upon the goals and objectives of the trainee and the resources of the department.?Trainee activities are governed by MAHE rules and regulations, including the Kasturba Hospital Policy.?Trainees will be expected to maintain the confidentiality of university proprietary information, and to obtain approval from the Head of the department prior to disclosing or publishing any results of their activities at Kasturba hospital.

·?Surgeons, Gynecologists, ENT surgeons, Dentists, postgraduate trainees & physicians interested in managing cancers can apply for observership.

·?Applicants must be specific when stating the purpose and goal of the visit to surgical oncology department.

·?All requests to observe are reviewed by both the department and the University. A decision will be made to accept or reject the request based on available resources and nature of request.

·?Surgical trainees from other medical and dental colleges applying for Observership as a part of their curriculum should apply through their respective department head.

·The observer appointment is an unpaid position that lasts for 90 days or fewer; therefore, applicants must be financially self-sufficient during the period of their appointment. Transportation, housing, health insurance and living expenses are the responsibility of the observer. However necessary support can be provided.

·Applicants must be able to secure the appropriate visa for the observer appointment, if applicable.

·必威体育betway888 observers are expected to speak and understand spoken English or one of the Indian languages with minimal difficulty.

·All observers will be provided with a certificate at the end of their program.

How to apply: ?www.khmanipal.com?,?

Email: surgoncology.kmc@manipal.edu



Department of Surgical Oncology

Shirdi Sai Baba Cancer Centre and 必威体育betway888?

Kasturba Medical College

必威体育betway888 , Udupi - 576104






General Category :

  • ????MCh (Surgical Oncology / Head and Neck Oncology / Gynec Oncology)

  • ????MS/MD (Surgery/ ENT/ OBG)

  • ????MDS OMFS?

  • ????Trainees and Physicians

NRI / Foreign Category :

  • ????Board Certified Surgeons

  • ????Trainees and Physicians?


General Category (INR) :

  • ? ? 3000/week

  • ? ?10000/month

  • ? ? 20000/2 months

  • ? ? 25000/3 months

NRI / Foreign Category (USD) :

  • ????100/week

  • ????150/month

  • ? ? 300/2 months

  • ? ? 450/3 months

? ??

Key Dates & Deadlines


Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date


The Department of Neurology has EEG/ENMG Labs.

Libraries have excellent resources for reference and study

Teaching hospitals give students hands-on learning

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