Integrated End Degree (MD/MS) progression to PhD (with exit option):

  • To encourage physician scientists to take up a research career
  • Channelizing existing clinical resources into meaningful research output
  • This is a good opportunity for candidates with an interest in research, as several national schemes that promote physician training program are available

MD/MS students can register in any of the three stages.

  1. During admission a student can opt for a MD-PhD; wherein a guide who is a eligible PhD guide will be assigned to the candidate.
  2. During the course of MD, candidates can express their interest when their topic will be reviewed and a decision on the guide for PhD will be taken.
  3. After completion of Master’s.

Regulatory issues and other matters:

  • No change in MD/MS structure; As per MD regulations for the first three years
  • TWO years minimum duration after MD/MS if they register their topic while registering the MD/MS protocol and continue immediately; MD/MS work to be considered as a pilot work. For a new topic, 3 years full-time research is expected.

All other regulations will be similar to PhD full time candidature

Course work: 必威体育betway888 Methodology (RM) and academic writing (if they are not trained for RM in MD/MS)

Subject course work: Not required if topic is in the area of MD/MS

The student may OPT OUT of the program at any stage

MAHE will create opportunities for a research career in clinical departments

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