The self & truth are unconcealed by listening, examining and contemplating upon, Maitreyi!
Once it manifests - listened, examined, and contemplated – all is unconcealed!

- Brhadaranyaka?4.5.6


With the proliferation of opportunities in the present world, human life encounters disparate choices and situations that bear directly on decision-making processes and our attitudes towards social, moral and intellectual environment. In this context, the philosophical debates and discourses offer rationally persuasive insights, thus enabling us to understand the multiperspectivity of truths by listening, examining and contemplating.

The Philosophy program, offered at MAHE, involves careful reading, analysis and interpretation of philosophical discourses, and introduces?philosophising as a skill set?which students can incorporate in their approach (further studies/research) to other academic fields, as an acquired life skill, and as a professional competence necessary for diverse professional pursuits. This program offers an intensive course of study which allows students to engage and employ theoretical and practical facets of philosophy and liberal arts.

With a special focus on Indian Philosophy, the program promotes a dialogue between the subfields of Western and Non-western Philosophies and other disciplines. A combination of Sanskrit and English language-based teaching method equips the students with the knowledge and reflective tools necessary for autonomous engagements with complex textual and philosophical language, while bringing into question the nature and scope of these reflective capacities.

Additionally, this Program aims to represent a reciprocal correspondence between classical and contemporary philosophy - drawing on history of philosophy for insights into contemporary debates and extending the present philosophical apparatus to understand the classics. The program has been designed to accommodate students from diverse academic backgrounds and offer ample exposure to variety of philosophical subjects such as epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics. With a structured curriculum which gradually proceeds from beginners to advance levels of study, it prepares the students to specialize in the subjects which best serve their intellectual growth.


Programs’ objectives

  • To conduct interdisciplinary studies/research in philosophy, humanities and sciences
  • To engage in debates of social, moral and intellectual importance
  • To cultivate in-depth understanding of Indian intellectual and cultural traditions
  • To work with Sanskrit texts and language, independently
  • To pursue autonomous critical engagements with literature and arts
  • To extend philosophical skills and knowledge in various professional pursuits
  • To exhibit rational and moral sensibilities?


Programs’ highlights

  • 必威体育betway888 oriented focus on epistemology, ontology, axiology and philology
  • Acquisition and proficiency in Sanskrit language
  • Comparative and interdisciplinary approach
  • Integrating traditional and modern pedagogy
  • Interactions with scholars of international repute
  • Worldwide collaborations for study/research opportunities
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Year exit option with Postgraduate Diploma


Career prospects

  • Teaching, research, translation and publication
  • Digital humanities and computational linguistics
  • NGOs, art and cultural organisations


  • Knowledge of Sanskrit is not a prerequisite and medium of instruction is English
  • PG degree/diploma are offered through regular mode at 必威体育betway888 campus


2 years

Key Dates & Deadlines


Jul 15 24

Jul ' 24

Last date to Apply


Aug ' 24

Tentative Course Commencement Date


Access to hospital facilities gives student hands-on training

Innovation Centre
State-of-the-art Innovation Centre facilitates multi-disciplinary research

Laboratories give students the opportunity for practical experience

Sports & Fitness
Marena has world-class facilities with courts for badminton, tennis, soccer & squash, as well as a well-equipped gymnasium

Libraries give students access to study resources, digital and print

Student Housing
Student hostels are their homes away from homes