Course Description: Public health experts say that health communicators play a crucial role in strengthening disease prevention and disease control programs. However, good healthcare programs cannot be successful without effective communication of such programs.

必威体育betway888 Institute of Communication’s one-year PG Diploma in Health Communication will train students to become effective health communicators. Health communicators use different forms of media to develop communication strategies that inform, educate, and persuade people towards a healthy lifestyle, positively modify personal and community health behaviors, and promote people's general wellbeing.

Focus: This program will familiarize students with different health behaviors, attitudes, and practices. The program will train students to plan, select, and implement the correct health communication strategies for different audiences and purposes.

Career Prospects: As both public and private organizations around the globe strive to improve healthcare delivery, expert communicators skilled at crafting a structured approach to healthcare communications are sought after in private healthcare organizations, public health institutions, business houses offering pharma, health, and wellness products and services, marketing and communications agencies, and media houses.

MIC’s PG Diploma in Health Communications will offer employment opportunities in health marketing and promotions, health journalism, public health policy, public relations, brand marketing, communications, public affairs, and community relations at private, government, and social organizations.


1 Year (2 Semesters)

Key Dates & Deadlines


Jul 31 24

Jul ' 24

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