B. Sc in Animation - Overview

必威体育betway888 Academy of Higher Education’s three-year Degree in Animation has been designed as a comprehensive training programme where components of traditional skills, digital applications, Hands-on Workshop Learning (HOWL), Holistic Personality Enhancement (HOPE) and support skills, run on harmonized learning paths leading to a 'Parallel Track Advancement'.


The critical but diverse learnings seamlessly mesh together, going way beyond stereotypical structures of animation training. Each essential element of the course, as varied as conceptual understanding, technical ability, sculpting, acting, lectures, experiential learning, traditional art, software skills, designing, and film appreciation, has been interlocked perfectly for a unique learning experience. Furthermore, the syllabus prepares you for the intriguing challenges in the Animation, Film, Television, VFX, Advertising and Gaming industries.


In the last?fifteen years, the Institute has become a preferred Institute among the studios, having the students placed in top animation companies in India and students being credited with more than 70+ Hollywood titles. Having partnered with Autodesk as “Authorized Training Center” & " Authorized Certification Center"?have helped students gain internationally recognized certificates, ensuring that they are trained on the latest updated technology from Autodesk.


The Academic Team every year upgrades their Technical Skills for the Products / Application they teach. All our Animation Faculty members are "Certified Instructors" by Autodesk, Canada, thereby;

1. Benchmarking our Academic Team & Delivery Standards

2. The Team has Access to the global network of certified instructors through the Professional Instructor Community to share Assignments & curriculum

3. Provide Opportunities for students to collaborate with and represent the 必威体育betway888 Academy of Higher Education at industry forums & fairs.

4. We are the ONLY Authorized Training Centre for Media & Entertainment Products in Karnataka


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Department Test Syllabus 2023-24


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Department of Animation Faculty Members

Areas of Specialisation for B. Sc in Animation

  • Preproduction
  • Comic Art & Design
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Texturing
  • 3D Lighting & Rendering
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Digital Compositing

Teaching Methodology for B. Sc in Animation

  • Drawing / Sketching / Concept Art / Storyboarding / Preproduction / Script
  • 2D Animation / Experimental Animation
  • 3D – Modeling / Animation / Texturing / Lighting / Rendering / Rigging
  • Matte Painting / Compositing / Rotoscopy / Match moving / Colour Correction
  • Studio Visits & Internship?

Example | Learning Journey of a subject/course

Assignment for B. Sc Animation

Every student admitted to B.Sc. Animation course shall bring out the assignment under the guidance of a faculty member. The modalities for executing the assignments and evaluating the performance shall be decided by the faculty member teaching the subject. The assignment of work to each student will be notified in advance.

Evaluation of B. Sc Animation

Evaluation for the courses is continuous. The student is evaluated on class/tutorial, participation, assignment work, lab work, class tests, Semester Internals, quizzes and end semester examinations, which contribute to the final grade awarded for the subject.

The evaluation is done on the basis of internal tests and end semester examinations.

Evaluation in each course will be consisting of;

  • Internal test evaluation 50%
  • Term Semester Examination 50% and Pattern of Theory Question for Theory Subjects and Practical Brief for Practical Subjects

Career Opportunities in B. Sc in Animation

  • Education
  • Defence
  • Product Designing
  • Architecture
  • Archaeology
  • Investigation / Forensic
  • Medical Sciences
  • Movie Production
  • Advertising
  • Publishing House
  • Broadcasting
  • Gaming including mobile|console|desktop games
  • Comics etc.,

Internship & Placement Studios for B. Sc Animation Students

  • DreamWorks DDU Bangalore
  • Technicolor
  • Xentrix Studio
  • Tata Elxsi Studio
  • Primefocus
  • Rhythm & Hues
  • MPC
  • BAeHAL
  • Mocept
  • Flixit Animation Studio
  • EA
  • 2Pi Interactive
  • Indegene
  • Scientific Animations Studio
  • Sirenatech
  • Zeotropican Studio
  • Quintessential studios
  • Prana Studio
  • Pixion Studio
  • Pixelloid studios
  • DNEG
  • Assemblage
  • Rockstar
  • Zebu Studios
  • Biju's

Movie Credits - B. Sc Animation 必威体育betway888

Our alumni have worked on many of the biggest shows and movies released in the last decade.

  • Life of Pi
  • Alvin chipmunks
  • Amazing Spiderman
  • Batman
  • Harry Potter
  • Machete Kills
  • Madagascar
  • Puss in Boots
  • Madagascar?3: Europe's Most Wanted
  • Worldwar Z
  • Gatsby
  • Rise of the?Guardian
  • Titanic 3D
  • Resident evil
  • Penguins of?Madagascar
  • Grown Ups
  • Seventh Son
  • i Frankenstein
  • 300 Rise of an Empire
  • Disney Planes
  • Pirate Fairy
  • Persian Johnson Lightning Thief
  • X-Men Days of the future past
  • Ghost Rider
  • Lone Ranger
  • Guardians of the galaxy
  • Jungle Book
  • Ben-Hur 2016
  • Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll
  • Trolls
  • The Boss Baby
  • Pinocchio

Key Dates & Deadlines


Jul 15 24

Jul ' 24

Last date to Apply


Jul ' 24

Tentative Course Commencement Date

B. Sc Animation Course Duration

3 years



Students Work


Students Work


Students Work


Libraries give students access to study resources, digital and print

Student Housing
Student hostels are their homes away from homes

Innovation Centre
State-of-the-art Innovation Centre facilitates multi-disciplinary research

Sports & Fitness
Marena has world-class facilities with courts for badminton, tennis, soccer & squash, as well as a well-equipped gymnasium

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