BHM - Overview

The BHM programme aims to provide students a strong base of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for employability/ leadership roles in hospitality and restaurant operations/ management /entrepreneurship

BHM Course Focus

  • Gaining knowledge and skills in Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Front Office, Accommodation Operations, and Management Studies.
  • Developing attitudes, contextual knowledge and appropriate techniques; demonstrate, apply and commit the same towards the specific needs of the hospitality industry with due consideration of health and safety, cultural, societal, legal and environment.
  • Develop research acumen to identify and solve business problems with the hospitality and management principles learnt, and apply them in day to day work as a member, and as an efficient leader of the team.

Career Opportunities in BHM

Hotels and restaurants, tourism and allied services, retail; mixed used commercial services, aviation, customer care and logistic services, serviced apartments, hospitality services for cruise liners, railways, spa operations, customer care in financial institutions, event management and many such service based commercial ventures including technologically -driven on- line services and products.


Course duration: 4 years

BHM Course Outline

Key Dates & Deadlines


Jul 31 24

Jul ' 24

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date

BHM Course Duration

4 Years (8 semesters).


The Kitchen is the place where WGSHA students hone their cooking skills

The Hotel gives them practical experience of the hospitality industry

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