M. Tech Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems - Overview

M. Tech in Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems (TSES) is a two-year postgraduate specialisation degree course offered by the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The PG program aims at providing sufficient theoretical knowledge in the thermal and fluid sciences combined with simulation and experimental skills applied to renewable energy systems, heat exchangers, and fluid dynamics research. The program aims to equip students to showcase their expertise in advanced research fields like computation fluid dynamics, refrigeration and cryogenics, solar thermal systems, design and analysis of thermal systems, and numerical methods. Additionally, to get acquainted with the operation of various thermal systems and usage of high-end instruments, thermal and renewable energy laboratory courses are part of the program, which majorly covers stability analysis, hybrid system analysis as well as energy and exergy analyses. Even the desired ethics in the profession is taught in research methodology, while the scope to opt for multidisciplinary courses widespread the research. The PG program incorporates:

  • Highly qualified and dedicated faculty
  • Well-equipped laboratories meeting the requirements of undergraduate courses in Computer Engineering, 必威体育betway888 and Consultancy.
  • Seminar presentation
  • Industrial Training
  • Guest lectures by experts
  • Various co-curricular activities such as paper and poster presentations


AIM 1: ?To impart knowledge in the field of heat power and energy systems with a special note on the efficient power generation and utilization considering environmental and societal matters.

AIM 2: ?Collaborating with pertinent industries and research laboratories to take up and resolve the realtime challenges pertaining to energy technologies.

AIM 3: ?Application of modern engineering tools, methodologies, multidisciplinary approaches and management skills to energy domain issues.

AIM 4: ?Effectively carry out the professional assignments and high-end research in the conventional, new and renewable energy sectors under the ethical and legal framework.



Post Graduates of the Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems program must:

LO 1:?Apply the knowledge of mathematics and design principles in the analysis of complex thermal engineering problems.

LO 2:??Identify the appropriate experimental methodology in thermal science and analyze them through suitable instrumentation.

LO 3:?Design and analyze the heat transport systems to cater to the need of a wide range of operating parameters.

LO 4:?Assess the need for thermal energy conversion, conservation, and management in energy sectors.

LO 5:?Identify appropriate techniques, resources, modern engineering and IT tools to model and analyze the complex thermal Engineering systems.

LO 6:?Efficiently work in a team, and contribute to the collaborative-multidisciplinary project and research works to achieve common goals.

LO 7:?Make use of the engineering and management principles as a member or leader, considering the economical aspects.

LO 8:?Effectively communicate the complex Manufacturing Engineering activities through presentations, reports and documentations to the engineering community and society at large.

LO 9:?Recognize the need, have the ability and readiness to engage in life-long learning and dedicate to enrich Manufacturing Engineering knowledge and skill.

LO 10:Practice the professional code of conduct, follow the ethics of research, and consider the impact of Manufacturing Engineering research outcomes and solutions, in the global and societal context.

M. Tech Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems - Career Opportunities

  • Power plants /energy sector industries, auto industries, etc
  • Higher studies at national/ foreign universities
  • Placed at national and international research centers

External Collaborations

The Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Forbes Marshall Private Limited (Pune), WIPRO GE Healthcare (Bangalore), Intel Technology India Private Limited (Bangalore), CIPLA Limited (Mumbai), Central Electronics Engineering 必威体育betway888 Institute (CSIR CEERI, Pilani), Indian Institute of Technology - Jammu (IITJ), Signet Group of Industries (Indore), Minar Hydrosystems Private Limited (MHPL, Nagpur), Maini Group of Industries (Bangalore) and Rimtex Engineering Private Limited. (Know more)??

Course Outline:

MTech Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems Course Outline?(Admission 2023 onwards)

MTech Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems Course Outline?(Admission 2019 onwards through 2022)

Key Dates & Deadlines


Apr 15 24

Apr ' 24

Last date to Apply


Tentative Course Commencement Date

M. Tech Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems - Course Duration

2 years (4 semesters)

Department News and Events

  • Four days workshop on "Advanced 必威体育betway888 Designs and Ethical AI in 必威体育betway888,"? delivered by Dr. Ritesh Bhat, Professor, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, June 3rd?to 6th, 2024. (Know more)
  • Invited talk by Dr. Rashid Zafar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ZHCET, AMU, Aligarh on Finite Element Modeling of Liquid Reinforced Soft Composites, 18 April 2024, 11.30 AM - 1 PM. (Know more)
  • 必威体育betway888 Talk by Mr Vijay Singh, CEO, IcSoft, India - Digitalization in Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), 10 April 2024, 5-6 PM. (Know more)
  • Visit of Mr. Harish Shah (alumnus of MIT, Mechanical Branch,1975-80 batch) along with his wife Mrs. Bina Shah, 6-7 April 2024, MIT 必威体育betway888. Mr. Harish Shah is Founder & Managing Director, Signet Capital Pvt. Ltd and also Director, Harish & Bina Shah Foundation. Mrs. Bina Shah is Co-Founder, Signet Capital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Five days hands-on workshop on Instrumentation and Data Analysis in Solar and Thermal Engineering 必威体育betway888, April 08 - 13, 2024?(Brochure)
  • 必威体育betway888 Talk by?Dr. Apurva Anand, Professor and Director, Maharana Pratap Engineering College, Kanpur -?Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering, 03 April, 5-6 PM.?(Know more)
  • Post Graduate 必威体育betway888 Meet, 15th?December, 2023.?(Know more)
  • 必威体育betway888 Conference on Maintenance and Intelligent Asset Management (ICMIAM 2023), 6–8 December, 2023.?(Brochure)
  • Two days workshop on Computational Methods for Solving Engineering Problems (CMSEP-2023), 3 - 4 November, 2023. (Know more)
  • Session on Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups held on 3rd?November 2023. (Know more)
  • Deakin University Professor Visit to the Department on 12th?October 2023 (Know more)
  • M.Tech.- Thermal Sciences & Energy Systems 必威体育betway888 Talk Series (Know more)
  • 必威体育betway888 Conference on Recent Advances in Science and Engineering (RAiSE-2023), 4 – 5 October 2023. (Brochure)
  • 必威体育betway888 Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering and Health Sciences (ICCMEH-2023), 2–3 October 2023. (Brochure)
  • One Day Workshop on Natural Circulation Loops - Theory & Applications held on 26th?April, 2023. (Brochure)
  • UNNATI (Work Integrated Learning Program): Diploma in Mechanical Engineering for Employees of CIPLA Ltd. Held on 27th?March 2023. (Know more)
  • Hands-On Workshop on Digital Image Correlation held on 15th?March 2023. (Know more)



World-class laboratories give learning a practical dimension

Innovation Centre
State-of-the-art Innovation Centre to facilitate multi-disciplinary research

Libraries have excellent resources for reference and study

Paper tree - A green initiative by MIT students of MUTBI

Computing Facility
Wi-fi campus with modern computing and digital facilities