Program Description:

This Integrated MSc-PhD. program is open for students with Bachelor’s degree, highly meritorious, and motivated towards fundamental research in Natural Sciences such as physics, chemistry, earth and planetary sciences, evolutionary and developmental biology. However, for the current academic year, only Physics discipline is available, with a choice of specialization in (i) Astrophysics, (ii) Nuclear Physics. A student in this program would complete the courses mandatory for a Ph.D., along with the courses essential for an MSc., during the first two semesters, and also acquire ample research experience by working on a research project, during the 3rd and the 4th semesters. On successful completion of four semesters, the student can opt to exit with an Msc (by 必威体育betway888) degree in Physics, or can opt to continue for PhD.? Ph.D. level work begins at the 5th semester. Such a student would be more equipped, than a regular MSc student, while beginning to do Ph.D. level work.?



The focus would be to bring out the research skills of a motivated Bachelor student. Added courses and projects, at Master’s and Ph.D. levels, would aim at building the student’s strength in the concept, and in the experimental, analytical, modeling and computational skills, towards understanding a complex natural phenomenon, even while pursuing studies for the Ph.D. degree, on a frontier problem in the chosen discipline.


Career Prospects:

Since the emphasis is on high quality research work, a student obtaining Ph.D. degree under this program would have acquired remarkable skills in research, from approach to the problem to its solution, and hence would have a competitive edge while seeking an academic position or employment as a professional researcher in a reputed institution in India or abroad.



5 Years ( Including M.Sc.)

Option to exit after 4th semester with M. Sc. by research degree.?

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Key Dates & Deadlines


May 31 24

May ' 24

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Innovation Centre
State-of-the-art Innovation Centre facilitates multi-disciplinary research

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