Cybersecurity technologies, procedures, and practises are intended to safeguard networks, computers, programmes, and data against harm or unauthorised access. Cyber Security also deals with evidence discovered in cyberspace and digital storage media.


The threats?to personal and business data, is very eminent now. Hence,?it is critical to have the proper information security procedure in place to protect it. Cyber-attacks pose a threat to a variety of sectors, including small and medium-sized companies (SMBs), healthcare, government agencies, the energy industry, higher education, information technology and telecommunications, and human resources and recruitment.


The specialisation in one of the most in-demand areas in IT, combining sophisticated elements of security, practical application, and security consequences within a company. This curriculum will prepare the student?for a career in Cyber Security, Application & Software Security, and Cyber Law Enforcement.

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4 Years (8 semesters).